About Us

IT-BELGAUM is the premier conglomerate of the IT-BPO companies in Belagavi. IT-BELGAUM’s member and associate member companies are broadly in the business of software development, embedded systems, software services, software products, consulting services, BPO services, e-commerce & web services, engineering services offshoring, and animation and gaming.

IT-BELGAUM was set up in July 2009, at Belagavi to facilitate business and trade in software and services and to encourage the advancement of research in software technology. It is a not-for-profit organization.

In India and around the world, IT-BELGAUM members are active participants in the new global economy and are reputed for their innovative business practices, social initiatives, and thrust for foraying into new emerging opportunity areas.

IT-BELGAUM’s Vision is to create, sustain and escalate Belagavi’s leadership position in the global sourcing IT industry, to grow the market by enabling the industry to tap into emerging opportunity areas and to strengthen the domestic market in India.

Aims and Objectives
IT-BELGAUM aims to drive the overall growth of the global offshoring market by taking up the role of a strategic advisor to the industry. Our goals include:

•    Accelerating trade development efforts
•    Improving talent supply
•    Strengthening local infrastructure
•    Building partnerships and driving operational excellence.
•    Boost the process of Innovation
•    IT workforce development
•    Enhanced cyber security.

IT-BELGAUM’s seven fold strategy towards achieving these objectives:

1.    Strengthen the brand equity of India as a premier global sourcing destination.
2.    Partner with the Central and State Governments of India in formulating IT policies and legislation. Partner with global stakeholders for promoting the industry in global markets.
3.    Strive for a thought leadership position and deliver world-class research and strategic inputs for the industry and its stakeholders.
4.    Expand the quantity and quality of the talent pool in India.
5.    Continuous engagement with all member companies and stakeholders to devise strategies to achieve shared aspirations for the industry and the country.
6.    Encourage and facilitate members to uphold world class quality and service delivery standards
7.    Aim to uphold Intellectual Property Rights

IT-BELGAUM Membership
IT Belgaum welcomes as members, companies, and firms that are incorporated and/or are registered in Belagavi, which have made and will make positive contributions to the IT industry in Belagavi and globally.